Looks at Buying and Selling Homes in Colorado Springs a bit differently than most realtors…

Our Story

Back in 2015 Chris and his wife Michelle took the plunge and jumped into real estate investing….you know like those shows on HGTV that show people how to buy an older home needing repairs or updates, fix it up and then sell it…Yep, we started there. We hired a professional coach from Denver to guide us on this adventure. From 2014 – present, we continue to do this and have learned a lot buying and selling 16+ homes in Colorado Springs. Thats more than most people buy in a lifetime. So when we say we have been in your shoes, we really have! A lot more than most realtors. They have represented people, not been the buyer and the seller. We can agree its a little different…right?


This adventure has allowed us to develop a significantly different perspective on buying and selling homes, because not only have we been in your shoes a lot as the buyer and seller, we had to gain the knowledge to know how to repair a home, do it quickly, for as little as money as possible and with licensed contractor. How does this help you…well every client we have ever worked with or advised has leveraged this knowledge. What do I need to fix before I sell? What does that cost? What would it cost to change this to granite? Is is it worth it? How much to finish a basement? While most realtors need to call a friend to answer these questions; which means they are going to recommend that you submit an offer on a house and get it under contract… on a house that you not even sure you want yet, I can do this on the fly. This has helped so many buyers and sellers to tweak their plan or pick a different home and not waste their time! Additionally, we also know how to get these repairs funded, so it rolled into your monthly payment, instead of cash out of the bank or even worse a credit card!


Military PCS

Being a former active duty US Marine, I understand the stress and excitement of getting a new set of PCS Orders… Moving under these conditions is definitely a challenge, especially when you have kids, pets, international orders, cars, and/or a home needing repairs. We have had the pleasure in helping several family PCS to Europe with all of the items above. Here is what my dear friend Rachel had to say about their families’ experience with us.



My home needs repairs or I am in Pre-Foreclosure

First, you need to know, you are not alone. Many, many families have found themselves in a rough spot. Some were very fortunate that the market from 2015-2019 increased their home values 1% per month, allowing them some equity to use for the repairs. While others were not so fortunate. No matter your particular circumstances, I have solutions. A solution that your average realtor can not even imagine. What you don’t have a super pretty house, with green grass and all the updates…oh and you don’t have money to paint everything, declutter, add granite and new appliances… Most realtors opt-out at this point. We do not! We are in. We know the path out. We know what to do and what not to do. We have relationships with contractors that allow for payment after closing, or how to market a house to cash buyers that buy a house AS-IS (no repairs)! Heck, we are one of those cash buyers too! I love giving you all your options. Lay them out, let you ponder them and let you pick the best one for you and your family. A cash buyer is rarely the right option, but if its the only path you can take, its better than waiting any day!


Kristina’s home

Recently we had the privilege of helping out Kristina, who found herself in Pre-Foreclosure. We were able to help her do some major and minor repairs. As a result, we sold it for the appraised value. This is what she has to say about the journey…


Property Management

Raise your hand if you have ever been screwed or at least annoyed by a property manager…. I am raising my hand right now. I had a property manager take me for $5K back in Michigan… Argh!

So when I jumped into real estate investing I wanted to do it better than most, if not the best! It is for this reason that I DO NOT do property management! I am a professional landlord with a vested interest in your property. I do not charge fees! I do not call you for every little thing unless you want me too! Security deposits get you in court, so we don’t take these either. Tenants, I hate tenants that can not do as I ask, so let not even look at those applications. I bet just reading those few examples has you saying there is something different here and I want to know more. Well, the differences are a lot, lot bigger than what I have outlined here. If you need someone to look after your asset and hate property managers for so, many, many reasons. Give me a call. 719-332-3628


All that is great, but who is Chris and what has he done in the past…

The Family

Labor Day 2019

Chris started his real estate career many years ago back in Southeast Michigan where he worked in commercial building maintenance for GM, Ford, and Chrysler. In 2011, Chris relocated to Golden, Colorado to be closer to his kids in Colorado Springs. He worked for CH2M Hill at Coors Brewing were he lead a team of 65 to maintain everything that didn’t make beer!

In 2015, Chris and his family made the jump in Colorado Springs Real Estate Investing by opening Discovery Homes, LLC and hiring a professional coach to teach him the systems to remodel homes. Under this brand, Chris and his wife, Michelle, have purchased numerous homes directly from the owner, remodeled them, and sold them… but found he was leaving a lot on the table by paying realtor fees on each home. So in 2018, his 2nd coach recommend he obtain his realtor license.

In the summer of 2018, Chris did just that by passing the State and National real estate tests on his first try! Since obtaining his license Chris has been working as both a realtor and an investor, helping the conventional homeowner buy and sell homes as well as continuing to buy homes directly when it’s in the best interest of the homeowner to do so and helps meets their needs! Additionally, he has been using his remodeling knowledge and contacts to help sellers prepare their homes for sale.

Personally, Chris loves to laugh, spend time with his friends & family on the patio, and exercise daily. Oh, and if you’re a car guy or girl, he did grow up in Detroit and worked in professional motorsports after getting out of the US Marines back in 1997.

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