Best Schools in Colorado Springs!

What is the Best School for my family in Colorado Springs, CO?
Video Transcription

If you’re thinking about buying a home here in Colorado Springs, Colorado, you might be thinking, well, what are the Best Schools in Colorado Springs? Where should my kids go? Hi everybody, my name is Chris. I’m with In this video we’ll give you a little bit of information and some resources to figure all that out.

While, I am a realtor and I do live here and I do have a feel for the Best Schools in Colorado Springs that I like, I have no idea what schools work best for you and your family, what your needs are, where they want to go, what kind of things they want to learn, what programs they want to get into, what sports they want to play, what needs they might have. All of these things play into what are the best schools for you and your family, and for that reason, realtors in general are directed not to directly answer that question for you.

Instead, we put together a lot of different resources for you so that you can research that for yourself and figure out what meets your needs and that of your family. And then you can tell us, “Hey, I want to be in District whatever to make sure my kids are in the schools and I want them to be in and then we can help you find a home in that school district.” So, some of the resources that we have, or that I recommend to my clients, are: On that website, you can research all the different school districts here in Colorado Springs, get their ratings, get some review information, review the teachers, see what programs they have, and then I always recommend you go one step further beyond that website and go to the district website and dig a little deeper to see what you can find out.

A lot of school districts here are building new schools or are renovating or are expanding and some of those because of that have different programs. But as always, every school district has different programs and sports that they provide and allow and provide transportation for and all these fun things. So, check out both of those websites and then once you do give me a call, I’d be happy to help you find a home in that community.

My name is Chris, again, with Please give me a call today. If you ever have any more questions about real estate, my number is (719) 332-3628, and it’s (719) 332-3628. Thank you very much. Have a good day.

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