Homes for Sale in Colorado Springs Under $250,000

Homes for sale in Colorado Springs under 250000
Video Transcription

Hey, good morning everybody. This is Chris with, part of Keller Williams Partners. In this video, I want to show you all the homes that are available for sale under $250,000 in the Colorado Springs Metro area as of August the 12th, 2019. So let’s get started.

Here on, you can go under the Buyer tab, go down to an Advanced search, and once you click on that, you search or filter that allows you to pick a max price. Just like I said, 250 and under. And then you have smaller filters here too, to choose from. You can look at lot sizes, builders, stories of houses, school district, even subdivisions, and you don’t even need to know the name, it’s great because it gives you a little pop-up and the same thing with the school district, so you can click on that and pick the school district name and get you where you want to be.

Once you do that, go ahead and click search and it’ll take you here, just a moment to bring up the search results, and if you’ve been talking to your friends or families or neighbors, they’re probably telling you there’s no houses for sale in Colorado Springs at 250,000 and right now there’s 114. It is Monday, so a bunch of houses cleared off the market. I would suspect on Friday this number will increase. In fact, on Friday last week, this number was 125 so it looks like about 10 of the properties dropped off the market.

But in here you got all sorts of stuff. We’ve got townhomes, single family homes, two stories. We have ranches, some more townhomes and you can see each one of these are 250 and under or right at 250, but we have two bedrooms, we have three bedrooms, we have bathrooms, attached garages, detached garages, one cars, and they are all over Metro Colorado Springs. Now, I can’t show you on here very easily, but I did look at this on the MLS earlier today, where I can map the entire area and there were houses on the East, the North, the West, the South, they are everywhere. Central, there are properties available to look at no matter where you want to live in almost any school districts.

So once you come in here, if you see a property like, this one here for $249.9, three bedroom, two bath, 1800 square feet, go ahead and click on it and it’ll bring up a detailed view of the property. This little box right here shows you, it’s a picture box so you can scroll through and take a look more in-depth at the pictures.

Now, this one looks pretty nice, right? It’s got nice carpet, paint. The kitchen looks pretty nice over here on the side and I’ll give you a more detailed view of that here in a second. Yeah, you’ve got nice cabinets, newer white appliances, stainless steel sink. So you know that that property is available. If you keep searching down and you find out it’s got forced air. It does have a dishwasher, disposal, refrigerator. What school districts it’s in, square footage, what year it was built, rough tax amount, all that kind of stuff. And that property is available to see even today.

If we go back here and go back and we’ll find a couple of more to look at real quick for you. There’s, like I said, all sorts of stuff around town. This looks almost like an old adobe house. Maybe here’s a two car ranch. Green grass, 31 photos are available there. Newer carpet, nice paint, fireplace. Let’s see what else we got here. Trying to get to the kitchen.

There we go. So we got, newer cabinets maybe, white appliances. A nice little house here and that’s 80917, 240,000, three bedroom, one bath, 1,000 square feet. That one’s available today.

And if you keep looking, there’s lots and lots more. We have five pages of them here, 114 houses to choose from, and anything in between. This is probably more like a condo. It’s a room, not the whole house, I’m sure. And as you go through here, you can find some different properties. Some of them are fully rehabbed, some of them aren’t.

What’s this one here? This is a new one. It’s a condo. Let’s take a look here. It’s a nice condo. This is a two bedroom, one bath, 888 square foot condo, 80919. Nicely decorated, fireplace, loft overview, nice kitchen.

So if you’re looking for a property here in Colorado Springs under 250,000, they are absolutely available. Go ahead and go to my website Take a look and see what’s available anytime you wish and give me a call at (719) 332-3628. Again, (719) 332-3628. That’s my cell number. You can call me, text me, WhatsApp me, whatever you want to do. You can also use the little icon down here on the lower right. That is for Facebook messaging. That goes directly to my phone as well, and I’ll get back to you just as quickly as I can. Hopefully you found this video useful and have a great week. Thank you.

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