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What Colorado Springs Buyers Are Looking For In 2022

Chris Wojciechowski

Personally, Chris loves to laugh, spend time with his friends & family on the patio, and exercise daily...

Personally, Chris loves to laugh, spend time with his friends & family on the patio, and exercise daily...

Feb 7 7 minutes read

Selling your home in 2022 is an excellent idea as property values are expected to continue to increase after a record in 2021. If you’ve been thinking to yourself, “Eventually I want to move to, xyz” then you should be seriously considering doing so sooner rather than later. We all know this crazy appreciation won't last forever! But is your house ready? What buyers are looking for in 2022, you’re in the right place. In this post, we’ll go over some things to consider to sell a house in Colorado Springs.

Before we jump into the list you need to know this. DO NOT add any of these to your home to have them. You DO NOT need them to sell in this Colorado Springs. All you really need is a house on the market. I kid you not. The sales price difference between those houses with these items, and those without are nearly identical as long as they are in similar condition. Meaning that if your home is clean and tidy expect to get a similar price to those houses with these features. DO NOT add these features. In fact, do not add ANY feature, you don't need to. As of this writing, there are 495 homes for sale in ALL of El Paso county!! There are 700,000 people that live here. In other words, the buyers are buying what they can, not what they truly want. So do not add or remodel features unless they are damaged or do not work. 

Where you have the below list of items in/on your house then you can expect your home to have more showings, and more offers than those that do not. Where these features are truly amazing you can expect to get a few extra bucks too due to the bidding war that will result from having a truly exceptional home in this market. 

#1. A Home Office

In the wake of the COVID-19 pandemic, more people are working from home — and loving it! This means that people need spaces in their homes that they can devote to working distraction-free. If you don’t currently have a room that’s designated as the office, consider turning a spare bedroom into an office when you show your home, but only do this with EXTRA bedrooms. Do not do this with a 2 bedroom home. Most buyers need both bedrooms. So in this case, if you have a space in the home that would work for a home office outside of the bedrooms stage it that way. A simple addition of a desk and office chair to an unused space could have potential buyers racing to sign on the dotted line.

#2. A Laundry Room

Nearly half of all homebuyers reported a laundry room is essential in 2022. An additional 87% reported it’s a must-have or desirable. What’s more, 63% of homebuyers want the laundry room on the main floor. Also, consider adding cabinetry, countertops, and a sink — depending on what your budget allows. If nothing else straighten it up. Make it very clean and tidy. A clean and organized laundry area says a lot about the seller's cleaning habits. The comments buyer make when the laundry area is a wreck can and does change their perception of the rest of the home.

#3. A Functional Kitchen

Did you know that the kitchen is the most scrutinized place as potential buyers tour a home? Buyers put a lot of focus on the kitchen and its features and functions. 81% of buyers want a double sink, and 81 percent want a walk-in pantry, while 77% want a central island, and 76% want a water filtration system.

The most important thing you can do to a kitchen, much like the laundry area have it super clean and organized. This is truly an area where if you will not use it between now and moving day, pack it! If you don't have an organized food storage area, get one! Most buyers are upsizing from apartments or lived in one in the past, so they look for a place to put food and hopefully still have room for pots, pans, and dishes! Oh and if you know that you really not a good cleaner... come on you know if you are or are not. Hire a professional to do the cleaning. A few hundred bucks will make your life a lot easier and your home way more attractive to buyers!

#4. Open, Flowing Kitchens

Remember we are talking selling in 2022 here. So if your going to sell in 2022 and have an open concept great! If you do not an open concept your home will still sell very quickly. Do not go through the pain and suffering of a remodel if you are selling this year. Now if you are by chance reading this thinking of 2023, well then you just might open things up a bit, but be conservative on the colors. Just because you like pink does not mean the buyers will. In fact, they will not! If you don't know what to do, stop by some model homes that are in your projected sales price and take a few ideas from them. 

#5. Outdoor Space

The mid-pandemic world also enjoys more time outdoors, meaning homebuyers in Colorado Springs want outdoor spaces to enjoy with their family. Where you have one stage it with furniture, make it usable and clean! Where your items are going in the trash when you move, get them there before the showings, photos, and try to borrow your neighbor's setup to spruce up your pad. 

#6. Exterior Lighting

With all these backyard upgrades, homebuyers want to show off their outdoor paradises. Exterior lighting is the second-most wanted outdoor feature for homebuyers, but once again, if you do not have them. Do not add them unless your home is the only one in the neighborhood without them and those homes have spent thousands on their systems. A buyer will not pay a penny more for a home with a DIY lighting system.

#7. Guest Suites

For the holidays and every day, buyers find it important to have a dedicated space for their loved ones to comfortably visit them. This includes a bedroom and their own full bathroom. Today’s homebuyers are prioritizing homes with large guest rooms, guest suites, or large open spaces that could be turned into guest suites.

Let's Get to Work

Now that you know what buyers are looking for this year, what are you waiting for? Let’s get together to talk about your home! HomesIn719 has flipped 16 homes. We know what you need to do and how much it costs. Contact us today to get started.

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