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Ready to look at homes for sale in Colorado Springs?  No matter the Location, Condition, Features or Timeline has the tools, resources, processes and experience, to guide you to your new home.

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Recently we had the privilege of helping out Kristina, who found herself in Pre-Foreclosure. We were able to help her do some major and minor repairs and sell it for the appraised value. This is what she has to say about the journey…

“Chris is absolutely amazing! He took care of me EVERY step of the way. He goes above and beyond being a real estate agent and becomes your closest friend through all the selling processes one could experience.” Kristina May 2019

There Is No Decision More Important Than Who You Choose As Your Realtor.

Buying a house in Colorado Springs is a huge investment. Don’t gamble with who you choose to represent you. Having the right buyers agent by your side will drastically improve your purchasing process.

Many people think they can do it all on their own, but there is much more to buying a home than looking through available listings. There are a number of things we are here to help you with.

  • We will only show you the properties that meet your specs
  • We will help oversee the inspection and closing processes
  • We will help you find off-market properties most agents never hear about!
  • HomesIn719 has remodeled numerous homes and as a result, we see repair issues other realtor miss and know what they cost to repair, so you offer will be stronger!
  • If you purchase through Keller Mortgage, it can save you thousands with ZeroPlus or allow you to bid higher for that home you love!
  • We ensure you get all property disclosures from the Seller for things like lead paint and known property issues, even the ones we can’t see!
  • Because we remodel homes, we can set you up with contractors to fix those little issues about the new home you don’t like, once closing is done and prior to your move-in date.

There Are Many Factors To Consider When Buying A Home In Colorado Springs!

It’s no secret, mortgage interest rates can change often and these changes can significantly affect the home you can afford to buy, so understanding these changes and paying close attention should be on your to do list.

For example: If you were pre-approved by a lender and the maximum amount you are approved for each month $1385.78.  That’s right you are approved for the monthly payment NOT the maximum amount! Therefore with an interest rate at 3.75% with 5% down your lender will tell you, you can go look for a home that is not to exceed $315,000. Wohooo! Its time to start shopping….what if the interest rate increases…

Just a 1% increase in interest rate will affect what you can afford. Remember the lender has approved a monthly payment under $1385.78 per month, as the lender closely monitors interest rates, they will see the interest rate increase and want to recalculate the maximum amount they will lend you. If we look back at our example above and only change the interest rate to 4.75% the new maximum amount the lender will lend you now to keep your monthly payment under $1385.87 is $280,000!

You can now only afford a home under $280,000 where before the interest rate change you could afford $315,000! I hope you are lucky enough to benefit from an interest rate drop, as the opposite is also true. If the interest rate drops just 1%, the amount you can afford goes up the same amount!

When this happens, it’s easy to feel pressured to make a fast decision, but by no means should buying a house be a decision that’s made quickly. That’s where can step in and help.

As we’ve seen for many, many years, interest rates and home prices will go up, and then they’ll go down, on and on as the economy fluctuates. Every day we help individuals and families navigate the current Colorado Springs market and find a solution that fits their needs best. It’s important to remain patient, and let help you explore the different options that you have.

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