When Selling Your House in Colorado Springs, You Have Options!

Learn how working with HomesIn719.com stacks up to selling on your own or working with a cut-rate agent!

We believe that you should learn about all the ways to sell your house before making a decision. What works for one person, may not work for another. It is important that you compare your options so you can find the selling method that works best for your situation!

Listing With HomesIn719.com For Sale By Owner Cut Rate Agents
Time To Sell:  Typically less than 50 days Studies have shown that an FSBO takes at least 20 days longer to sell** Depends on the property and the quality of your listing
Typical Sales Price: You will be able to sell your house for 13%* more when working with a broker vs. an FSBOwhen working w/ a broker vs. FSBO 13% less* than in you listed it with a broker You might have to do much of the negotiation yourself
Marketing Costs: $0 – We handle everything from start to finish $1,000+ depending on how long the house is listed You will often have to do much of the marketing on your own
Types Of Marketing Included: A professional listing, signage, online listings, open houses and much more The choice on how to market your property depends on how much time and money you want to spend Typically just an MLS listing. Anything above and beyond you will be charged for.
Time Commitment From You:  Basically none. We handle everything so you can put your attention elsewhere. Between marketing, answering questions, scheduling showings and keeping the house ready to view, you could find that selling your house on your own turns into a full-time job! As with an FSBO, you will have to handle the majority of the responsibilities
Fees / Commissions:  6% commission without any hidden costs or fees. Split between agents. None – aside from your time and marketing costs Typically a flat fee for basic service – additional services cost extra
Legal / Contract / Advice:  Yes! We handle the documents and will help to guide you through every step of the process. You are responsible for all contracts, escrow, and legal details to ensure the closing happens correctly and legally – make sure you know what you are doing! Not usually included

Which selling method makes the most sense for you? Don’t just consider the costs, but also the time it will take! Your time is valuable, you don’t have to spend it on the details of selling your home!

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And Don’t Forget… We Are Investors Too!

We can help you with a distressed property if you want to sell it without going through the listing process!

  1. We can help you with any distressed property by purchasing it directly!
  2. By selling your house to us as-is, you will save a fortune on repairs, upgrades and commissions!
  3. You will not have to wait around for a buyer, we are the buyer!

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** Both the Northwestern and the Stanford studies mentioned in the Money section confirm just that: “The use of a broker does lead to an accelerated sale. In that respect, brokers appear to add value,” the Stanford researchers declared. The Northwestern study found that it takes on average 20 days longer to sell a house on a FSBO site versus the MLS or an agent.