Contacts – Who to know in 719!

Below is a list of companies or services I have personally used, me; and in some cases my clients. Although these companies have met or exceeded my expectations and therefore I recommend them, you should vet them yourself as well as feel free to reach out to other provides as well. None of these companies are paying us in any way to be here and you are not required to use them. 😉


General Contractors
Vitalized Homes, LLC – 719-964-1027

Timberline Roofing 719-492-7604

Ivan’s Carpet and Tile – 719-209-2981

Top Electric, LLC – 719-268-1140

Allright Plumbing and Heating, LLC – 719-597-1099

Vitalized Homes, LLC – 719-964-1027

M&D Plumbing, LLC – 719-648-9086

Ivan Carpet Tile and Floor Cleaning – 719-209-2982

Garage Doors
Majestick Garage Doors, LLC – 719-424-6784

Landscaper and Sprinklers
H&S Landscaping, LLC – 719-360-7201

Basement Window Well Covers
Colorado’s Finest Window Well Covers

Lenders, Mortgages or Money!

Megan Gallagher – Caliber Homes Loans – 575-770-9883
Edward Charleson – Legacy Mutual – 720-940-7477
John Nudson – Northpointe – 719-650-6082
Kristen Johnson – Community Bank of Colorado 719-822-1230


Priebe Law – 719-388-8899 (Real Estate Law)
John Finger – 719-499-8056 (Real Estate Law)


Me. I am a realtor silly. 719-332-3628



Crime Reports

Community Crime Maps
Tip! – Search your current home first so you have a reference point. Is the new area, better or worse than your current home???

My Neighborhood Update Is another great resource to research crime.


Home Inspection

First, you need to know that in the state of Colorado, Home Inspectors are NOT licensed or regulated. Anyone can claim to be a Home Inspector. As a result, I recommend you go to this site to select one. AHSI

Note: This is one of several different companies that provide home inspector training/certifications, but after reviewing others, I found this one to be very thorough. However, none of the certification bodies inspect everything! If fact some (not this one) do not inspect major systems or might inspect the roof from the ground! So make sure you are looking for and reviewing each certification body’s “Standard of Practice” and closely review things they do not inspect!

If your the type that wants the most complete home inspection I do not recommend a home inspector at all. Go with individually licensed trades. For example, call a roofer, plumber, HVAC, electrician and maybe even a structural engineer. This way you will have each specialized skill inspecting your house, vs a general inspector. The good news, some of these trades do these inspections for free. The bad news is they make money doing repairs…so if they recommend a repair and it seems like a lot of money get a second opinion! That said, the trades listed on this page have never done me wrong.

Want to know more about selecting a home inspector? Check out this great article from Consumer Reports! Choosing a Home Inspector

If your not seeing what you need please give us a call. We have 1500+ contacts and likely know the provider you are looking for. 🙂