Homes For Sale in D3 – Widefield – Colorado Springs, CO

Map of D-3
Map of D-3

If you are looking for homes for sale in Widefield School District D3 you are in the right place! Below is a list directly from the MLS (Multiple Listing Service used by all realtors) to this website, so you can look at the most accurate list of properties available; unlike some more popular website… Note this website is Mobile friendly so you can send this URL to your cell phone and bookmark it for easy access while on your cell phone as well!

This page shows you 25 properties per page and is sorted from lowest to highest price; because I too get annoyed when the first property I see is $6 million dollars. That said, if you want to see those properties just click on the little sort button to flip that around.

Oh, and if you would prefer to get a handly email each day, or once a week with this list, just fill out this form to the right or message us with the Facebook Messenger button at the lower right. 😉

Although this search for homes in D3 is very reliable, you should verify the home you are selecting is in fact in D3 prior to closing; especially if its near the edge of the District. You can do this during the Due Dilignce period after getting the home under contract. Call D3 (719-391-3000) to verify the address is within the D3 District!

Note: The map below is only showing you the homes displayed below, not the entire search results. Please click on the next page to see where the next group of houses are. Sorry for the inconvience! This is a software restriction.

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